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This tutorial was written by Sheri on April 11, 2007. This tutorial is of my own creativity. Any similarity to other tutorials is purely coincidental. By attempting this tutorial, you are agreeing to my Terms Of Use. This tutorial is registered with TWI.

Materials Needed:

  • Paint Shop Pro (written in version 9) and Animation Shop
  • Tube of choice
  • Silver Heart Frame from Netmaus's Little Girl Scrapkit or the one in my supplies file below.
  • My supplies - includes Dots 20 pattern (free download from JASC's Paint Shop Pro Studio) and a Silver Heart Ring Frame made by Andi (thank you so much Andi!!)
  • Font, text brush, and another pattern/paper of choice
  • Eye Candy 5: Impact
  • dsb flux - bright noise

The artwork I am using is © Jay Trembley. Tube was licensed thru; however, his artwork is no longer available for licensed use thru them.

** This is a long tutorial and a good working knowledge of layers is very helpful. **

Let's Begin:

1. Install filters as needed. Open and minimize the following files to your desktop: the Silver Heart Frame, the Dots 20 pattern, the 2nd pattern/paper of your choice, and your tube.

2. Open up a new 600x600 transparent image, flood fill with white.

3. On your materials palate, set your foreground color to #d26681 (or color of choice) and your background color to your pattern/paper of choice. Using your preset shapes tool set to Ring, retain style unchecked, both create as vector and anti-alias checked, line style: solid, and width: 2, draw a Ring on your image (hold down your shift button before drawing out the ring will give you a round ring and not lopsided). Center the ring on your canvas (Objects > Align > Center in Canvas). When happy with the placement, convert to raster.

4. Duplicate this layer 2 times. Rename the layers Ring 1, Ring 2, Ring 3. Your layers should look like this:

5. On the bottom Ring layer, use your magic wand and click in the center of the ring. Expand the ring by 4 (Selections > Modify > Expand > 4).

6. On your material palete, set the background color to the Dots 20.pspimage pattern, Angle: 0, Scale: 50 (as shown below)

7. Add new layer and drag below the Ring 1 layer. Flood fill with the Dots 20 pattern.

8. Change the Angle and Scale for the Dots 20 pattern to Angle: 45, Scale 45. Add another new layer and flood fill again.

9. Change the Angle and Scale for the Dots 20 pattern to Angle: 135, Scale 55. Add another new layer and flood fill again. Deselect.

10.  Rename these 3 layers to Dots 1, Dots 2, and Dots 3. Your layers should now look like this:

11. Duplicate each one of the Dots layers twice so there's 3 of each. Your layers should now look like this:

12. Make the Dots 1 layer active and add a new Layer Group (Layers > New Layer Group > click ok). You should now see that the Dots 1 layer included in the new layer group we just created. Drag the Dots 2 layer below the Group 1 layer and above the Dots 1 layer; and do the same with the Dots 3 layer. Your layers should now look like this:

13. Make the Copy of Dots 1 layer active and make a new layer group (should now show up as Group 2). Drag all the Copy of layers to this group, but place them in a slightly different order as shown below (this is important or the animation won't show up right):

14. Now make the Copy (2) of Dots 1 layer the active layer and make another new layer group (Group 3). Again, drag the 2 remaining Copy (2) layers to this group and rearrange the layers as shown below. Whew! There is a reason for this madness, I promise! Your layers should now look like this:

15. Next, we are going to set the opacity levels for each one of these 9 layers. The bottom layer (shown below by blue arrow)  within each group is left at 100, the middle layer (green arrow) within each group is set to 50, and the top layer (yellow arrow) within each group is set to 66. We're almost done with these layers!! LOL

16. Now, it's time to merge each group. Make sure Group 1 layer is active, then merge group (Layers > Merge > Merge Group). Do this for the Group 2 layer and the group 3 layer. Your layers should now look like this:

17. Copy the Round Silver Frame and paste as a new layer. Move it to the top. Duplicate it. Resize each frame so that one fits nicely around the outside perimeter of the Ring, and the other fits nicely around the inside perimeter of the ring. Depending on the tube you are going to use, mirror one of the frames so that it's facing the opposite direction (see my finished tag as an example). Once you are happy with the size and placement of your silver frames, hide all your layers but the two frame layers and merge visible. Rename this layer Frame. Unhide all your layers.

18. Add a drop shadow to your frames layer. I used V & H 0, Opacity 80, Blur 6, Color Black. Duplicate the frames layer twice so you have 3 (rename them Frame 1, Frame 2, and Frame 3). Your layers should look like this:

19. Add your tube and place it where you want it, add the same drop shadow as in step 18. Duplicate your tube layer twice and yep, rename them Tube 1, Tube 2, and Tube 3.

20. Hide all your layers but the ones with the number 1. Merge visible and rename 1. Hide this layer. Unhide all the layers with the number 2. Merge visible and rename 2. Hide this layer. Unhide all the layers with the number 3. Merge visible and rename 3. Unhide all your layers. Your layers should now look like this:

21. Duplicate layer number 1 and drag this layer below the original number 1 layer. Apply Eye Candy 5: Impact Motion Trail with these settings, or settings of your choosing:

22. Lower the opacity of this layer to 60 and duplicate it twice so we have (yep you guessed it LOL) 3 layers. Rename these trail 1, trail 2, and trail 3.

23. On Trail 1, apply the following dsb flux bright noise settings:

24. On Trail 2, apply the same settings, only click on "Lighter" twice. On Trail 3, apply again but click on "Lighter" three times.

25. At this point, add your text and copyright information on a new layer. Since I get very scattered with layers easily, I continue duplicating until I have 3 of everything - it's easier for me to keep track of LOL as shown below.

26. Then I merge one of each into one layer just like we've been doing so my final image has only 3 layers.

27. Crop/resize as needed. Save it as a psp 7 (animation) file. Open it in Animation Shop and save using your favorite optimization settings.

Thanks for trying my tut!


Thank you for trying my tutorial :)

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