Long Trip Alone Tutorial

This tutorial was written by Sheri on May 5, 2008. This tutorial is of my own creativity. Any similarity to other tutorials is purely coincidental. By attempting this tutorial, you are agreeing to my Terms Of Use. This tutorial is registered with TWI.

Materials Needed:

The artwork I am using is Suzanne Woolcott. In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from AMI.

** This tut is dedicated to my dad; love ya dad and with us by your side, you don't have to make this trip alone **

Let's Begin:

1. Open up a new 700x700 transparent image, flood fill with white. Don't worry about it being too big, we'll resize it at the end.

2. Copy/paste your image as a new layer.

3. Open frame3.png, duplicate and close out original.Resize frame by 24% (or size appropriate to fit your image). Copy/paste frame as a new layer above your image.

4. Using your selection tool, draw around any part of the image that is outside of the frame and delete.

Long Trip Alone Screenshot 1

5. Open up branch 2.png, duplicate and close out original. Resize branch by 20%, move to right side of frame. Apply drop shadow of choice to branch.

6. Erase portions of the branch so it looks as if it's behind the ribbon/bow part of the frame. For me, I found it easier to defloat the frame first, and then erase sections of the branch. Just make sure you deselect when you are done. Apply drop shadow of choice to frame.

Long Trip Alone Screenshot 2Long Trip Alone Screenshot 3

7. Turn off the white background layer; merge visible remaining layers. Turn white layer back on. Move merged frame layer over to the right. Minimize this image, we'll get back to it.

8. Open frame3.png, duplicate and close out original. Resize frame by 20%.

9. Open up paper4.jpg, duplicate and close out original. Resize paper by 15%. Copy/paste paper below your frame. Select any of the paper that is outside the frame and delete. Merge visible both layers, then mirror image.

10. Copy this new frame and paste as a new layer on the image we minimized in step 7.

11. Rotate the new frame 12 degrees to the left.

12. Add your text and rotate text 12 degrees to the left while it is still in vector format. Once you have it lined up nicely inside the new frame, convert text to raster, add a slight drop shadow, and merge text layer down to the frame layer.

13. Resize the new frame by 80%, and apply the unsharpen mask (radius:1,strength:35,clipping:1). Move this text frame up and to the left. Apply drop shadow of choice.

14. Open bow4.png, duplicate and close out original. Resize bow by 8%. Copy/paste bow as a new layer. Move bow so it's at the top right hand corner of the text frame. Apply drop shadow of choice.

15. Open paper8.jpg, duplicate and close out original. Resize paper to 700x700 pixels. Copy/paste it as a new layer, drag it so it's right above the white background layer. Apply mask of choice (I used WSL_Mask7). On your layer palette, right click on the mask layer and merge group. Duplicate mask layer.

16. Turn white background layer off. Using your crop tool, click on the "snap crop rectangle to: merged opaque" then on the checkmark.

Long Trip Alone Screenshot 4

17. Turn white background layer back on. Merge layers, resize, and apply the unsharpen mask (radius:1, strength:50, clipping:1) to sharpen the tag up a bit. Add your name, the appropriate artist's copyright info, and Lyrics by Dierks Bentley. Save your tag and your done!

Thank you for trying my tutorial!   :)


This is Monti's version using her own choice of scrapkit/supplies of choice. Thanks Monti!

Long Trip Alone by Monti



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