Sexy Diva Tut by Sheri, Art ©Jamie Kidd


This tutorial was written by Sheri on May 1, 2007. This tutorial is of my own creativity. Any similarity to other tutorials is purely coincidental. By attempting this tutorial, you are agreeing to my Terms Of Use. This tutorial is registered with TWI.

Materials Needed:

  • Paint Shop Pro (written in version 9)
  • Tube and 2 fonts of choice (I used Plug-NickelBlack and A&S Black Swan)
  • Tagback by AmyB (thanks Amy!!) and the 20-20 mask, download here
  • Dots and Cross Filter (included in the Garbage Filters)
  • dsb flux - linear transmission

The artwork I am using is © Jamie Kidd. In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from CILM.

Let's Begin:

1. Open up a new image 550X550, flood fill with white. Copy/paste the tagback as a new layer onto your working image - making sure it's centered.

2. Duplicate the tag back 2 times, so that you have 3. On the bottom tagback layer (original), rotate it to the left 20 degrees. On the middle tagback layer, rotate it to the right 20 degrees. Give each tagback layer a dropshadow: H&V:1, Opacity:75, Blur:6. Hide your white background layer, and merge the 3 tagback layers together.

3. Duplicate the new tagback layer. On the bottom tagback layer, apply a guassian blur of 15. Apply the dsb flux - linear transmission with the following settings:


4. On the same layer, apply the 20-20 mask.


5. Right click on the mask layer, and merge group.


6. On the same layer, apply the Dots and Cross filter, with the default settings.


7. On the top tagback layer, resize this layer only at 95%.


8. Copy/paste your tube. Resize as needed (I resized her to 70%) and place her so she looks like she's coming out of the tagback and to the right. (See finished tag above for reference).

9. Add the same drop shadow as in step 2.

10. Add the word SEXY to the left side, using a fatter font (I used Plug-NickelBlack), with black for the fill color and #FFC0FF for the stroke color, and the following settings (making sure the direction is set to vertical left, and the kerning is set to -300):


11. Convert to raster and add the same drop shadow.

12. Flip the colors around and add the word Diva using a script font (I used A&S Black Swan) - making sure you set the text direction back to horizontal, the Kerning back to 0, and the stroke to 2.

13. Rotate this text to the left by 20 degrees, place it above her rear-end and next to the word SEXY (see finished tag for reference). Convert text to raster and add same drop shadow.

14. Crop as needed. Add your copyright info and your name and save as a jpg.

Thank you for trying my tut!

Thank you for trying my tutorial :)


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