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This tutorial was written by Sheri on September 28, 2007. This tutorial is of my own creativity. Any similarity to other tutorials is purely coincidental. By attempting this tutorial, you are agreeing to my Terms Of Use. This tutorial is registered with TWI.

Materials Needed:

  • Paint Shop Pro (written in version 9)
  • Tube and 2 fonts of choice (I used Dragonmaster and Evanescent)
  • My template and FTU Render by Darren Hiles, in supplies zip. Download here
  • Cybia Screenworks Filter

The artwork I am using is Tony Mauro. You need to have a license to use her art, which you can get from CILM. The render I am using is Darren Hiles, and is FTU for non-license holders.

Let's Begin:

1. Open up my template and the render in psp. Duplicate the template and close the original. Delete the top (TOU) layer. Flood fill the bottom layer (raster 1) with white.

2. Copy and paste the render as a new layer; move the render layer underneath the template layer. Rotate render layer to the right, 90%.

Rotate 90 degrees to the right

Resize the render layer by 90%. Hide the render layer. On your template layer, using your magic wand, click anywhere "outside" of the template. Expand selection by 2. Go back to your render layer and hit delete. Deselect. Unhide the render layer. The render should now look like this:


3. Hide the render layer (again LOL), and go back to the template layer. Click inside each one of the areas as shown below (hold your shift button down while you click in each rectangle to select them all at the same time). Expand selections by 2 (selections > modify > expand > 2)


4. Activate your render layer, and click delete. Selections > Select None. You should have this now:


5. Delete the template layer. Duplicate the render layer. Working on the top render layer: Defloat the render (selections > select all, selections > float, selections > defloat). Expand by 2 (selections > modify > expand > 2). Add a new raster layer, flood fill inside the selection with black (#000000), then move the filled layer below the top render layer. Hide all layers but these two and merge them visible. Add a drop shadow: H&V 1, Opacity 50, Blur 7.

6. Unhide the bottom render layer. Apply a gaussian blur of 6. Apply Cybia Screenworks: Dot Screen w/ the following  settings:


7. Using your deformation tool, move this layer up and to the left. Lower layer opacity to 60. It should look like this:


8. Add your tube on a new layer. Resize and position your tube. Give your tube layer a drop shadow of H&V: 3, Opacity: 65, Blur: 15.


12. Turn off your white layer and merge visible layers. Turn white layer back on. Duplicate your merged layer. On the original layer, resize by 105%. Apply a Guassian Blur of 4%. Apply Cybia Screen Dots: Dot Screen, but change the setting to 50. Lower the opacity of this layer to 24.

13. On the copy of the merged layer, moved down and to the left. Crop as needed. Add your text, your name and the artists' copyright info. Give your text and name the same blur. Add the artists copyright for the tube and for the render. If you do not already have a Darren Hiles License, then please use the correct copyright as follows (for this render only):

Render Darren Hiles DHFTU

Save your tag and your done!

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Thank you for trying my tutorial :)

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Thank you Moddy and Darren for an awesome contest!!  :) :)


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