May my group link to your tutorial?

Yes, you may text link, however I do prefer that you link to the main site and not the individual tutorial. This enables your group to read my TOU's and also prevents anyone from getting a "page not found" error should I move the tutorial.

May I translate your tutorials?

The only person I'm allowing to translate my tutorials at this time is Cordelia, no other permissions will be given.

May I link to your supplies/downloads?

No, you may not. This is considered direct linking/hot linking and is bandwidth theft. Please direct others via a text link to my website's main page instead.

Will you please supply that item for the tutorial?

If it's something that I made, and I can supply it, I will gladly supply it for the tutorial. However, some of the items I use are pay-to-use (PTU) and I can not and will not supply these so please do not email me asking for them.