Made With Love, For Diane

This tutorial was written by Sheri on April 21, 2008. This tutorial is of my own creativity. Any similarity to other tutorials is purely coincidental. By attempting this tutorial, you are agreeing to my Terms Of Use. This tutorial is registered with TWI.

Materials Needed:

  • Paint Shop Pro (written in version 9)
  • 3 tubes from the same artist, font of choice
  • PTU "With Love" Scrapkit from Candy's Treats  ** Thanks so much Diane **
  • Monti's Blinds Mask 1

The artwork I am using is Angie Monasterio. In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from CILM.

Let's Begin:

1. Open up a new 700x700 transparent image, flood fill with white. Don't worry about it being too big, we'll resize it at the end.

2. Open up CandysTreatsFrame.png and copy/paste as a new layer on your working image.

3. Open up 2 papers from the scrapkit and minimize. I used paper10 and paper11. In your materials, set the foreground/stroke to paper11 and the background/fill to null. Activate your preset shape elipse tool (line style set to solid line and stroke width set to 20), hold down the shift button and draw out a circle a bit larger than one of the circle frames. Convert to raster and move below the frame as shown below:

WithLove Screenshot 1

Repeat with paper10:

WithLove Screenshot 2

Duplicate this circle and move below the circle frame with the flower. Colorize it to a green color (hue:80, sat:90). You should now have something similar to this:

WithLove Screenshot 3

Turn off the frame layer and the white background layer, and merge the 3 patterned circles together. Turn all layers back on.

4. Open up and minimize another paper from the scrapkit (I used paper4). Activate the frame layer. Select the inside of each frame. You can do this by either drawing around the inside edge of the frame using your lasso tool, or using your magic wand (mode set to add, tolerance set to 15, contiguous checked, feather set to 0, anti-alias checked and set to outside), click inside each frame.  If you use the magic wand, you will need to click a few times around the inside of the flowers to make sure you get it all:

WithLove Screenshot 4WithLove Screenshot 5

Expand selection by 5 (selections> modify> expand> 5). On a new layer, flood fill with the new paper and move the layer below the frame and the patterned circles:

WithLove Screenshot 6

5. Next, add bow3. Mirror it and resize it by 50%. Place it at the bottom of the circle frame on the right:

WithLove Screenshot 7

6. Add CurlyRibbon2. Resize it by 55%. Place it on the left side where the two circle frames meet.

WithLove Screenshot 8

7. Add your tubes, carefully erasing the bottoms so they look like they are coming up out of the frames:

WithLove Screenshot 9

8. Add the Glitterflower. Resize by 40% and place around your circle frames:

WithLove Screenshot 10

9. Add a drop shadow of your choosing to the following layers: patterned circles, circle frame, tubes, bow, curly ribbon, and glitterflowers.

10.  Open the glitter from the scrap kit. Copy/paste as a new layer. Duplicate so you have a total of 3. Keep one the original color, and recolor the other two to complimentary colors (I chose green and gold). Resize them as needed and place them below the patterned circle layer:

WithLove Screenshot 11

11. Turn off the white background layer. Using your crop tool, crop off all the excessive blank area around the tag. Turn white background back on.

12. Add a new layer right above the white background. Flood fill with green and apply Monti's Blinds Mask 1. Merge all layers. Resize tag to a size of your choosing. Apply the resharpen mask (adjust> sharpen> unsharpen mask with the following settings: radius 1, strength 30, clipping 1) to sharpen up the tag a bit. Add your appropriate artist's copyright info and text. Save your tag and your done!

Thank you for trying my tutorial :)


This is Monti's version using her own choice of scrapkit. Thanks Monti!

With Love by Monti


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